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Special thanks to Sandy from AudioVox for sharing some information with us on how the Zentral Home Command products are coming along. While at the WES2010 I got to see some of the Zentral Home Command in action and I am really looking forward to when these products become available.


Not only can you control your Garage door from your BlackBerry Device but the new Zentral Home Command products will turn your Blackberry into so much more! With Zentral, you will have useful solutions for controlling and navigating home audio and video equipment, iPod and Home Control through your Blackberry,

Audiovox is looking for a release sometime this fall but they now have a 2010-05-23_2208landing page for the Zentral Home Command products. You can check this out by going HERE!

The Smartphone AV Remote for Blackberry allows the consumer’s phone to “talk” with an AV remote bridge via Bluetooth®, and the bridge will relay commands via infrared blasts to their entertainment components. Once the bridge and remote APP are linked, this will allow the user to have a full remote control interface on the Smartphone and will be able to control up to sixteen devices, execute one-touch activities, and manage television viewing and recordings through an interactive guide.  Targeted retail for the Zentral Smartphone AV remote is $69.99 for the Blackberry version.

Zentral Smartphone Jukebox will help iPod owners listen and control their music. This solution provides easy navigation and control of an iPod through the Blackberry Smartphone. Targeted retail will be $79.99

As the official launch date gets closer we will get additional information.

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