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Thanks to Peter from Elecite for sharing this great looking Theme. XBerry.

Well it’s time to make your BlackBerry look like an Xbox. A few weeks ago Elecite launched a PS3 theme so it’s only fair that they made an Xbox 360 with a slick UI of XBerry it really makes you want to believe that you’re staring at a Xbox!


XBerry features a customizable sliding bottom dock with 10 icons for the Bold and 8900 and 7 icons for the Storm (8800 & 8300 versions do not support sliding icons), 2 today icons and 2 additional side icons for viewing Profiles and Connections. The battery is nicely implemented around the clock with four bars, each turning red as its life decreases.
Available for BlackBerry Storm, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 8300 & 8800.

First 100 customers get 40% off by entering code: xberry.

You can check out this great looking theme by going HERE!

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