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Elecite let us know about the newest theme PoserĀ  to be added to the redesigned Elecite site. Be sure to watch the demo video below. It is bizarre for sure. Remember all themes are still 50% off. Follow the link below.

With Poser you can turn Stewie from Family Guy, Bag Boy and even Santa Claus into a decked out ninja. You can customize the head, outfit, weapon, accessories and even give him a pet. Best of all, you can choose from 5 sweet backgrounds or just use your own!

image 2
Make your own Poser and send in a screenshot! The 10 best Posers will be featured on the Elecite Hall of Fame, win another Elecite theme free and get their money back on their original theme purchase. Everybody can submit 1 Poser each to

Get the Poser Theme For
BlackBerry Here

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