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While at the WES2010 I had the opportunity to speak with Wireless Giant CEO Isaac Hanna, and he showed me some pictures inside his currently open stores. These stores defiantly have the customer in mind. Well lit, modern and spacious. If you are traveling be sure to check out some of the BlackBerry Devices and Accessories Wireless Giant has to offer.wireless_giant
Press Release Excerpts:
Wireless Giant is pleased to announce it has opened an authorized multi-carrier BlackBerry® from Wireless Giant® retail store today in B-C Connector at the Philadelphia International Airport," said Isaac Hanna, CEO of Wireless Giant. "The store features a comprehensive offering of BlackBerry products and services and provides an exceptional purchasing experience for both consumers and corporate customers."

The BlackBerry from Wireless Giant store in Philadelphia is a multi-carrier store where smartphones from AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile can be purchased and activated for use with BlackBerry® Internet Service and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. The stores also offer support services for both end users and IT administrators of organizations of all sizes. Customers will also find a wide range of add-on personal accessories for their BlackBerry smartphones.

You can check out Wireless Giant HERE!

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