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One thing that I use a lot everyday is my Calendar. Setting up appointments religiously is what helps me be on time and remembering something I am supposed to do all day everyday. Even on a Saturday morning when I  scheduled  it a week in advance.

If you are one that uses a paper calendar at home and/or work and are great at keeping things written down as I used to do, will find out that your BlackBerry is the one thing that is always with you. Numerous times my Daughter ends up having a last minute school activity on Saturday, then out to eat after-wards, maybe we decide to go grocery shopping before heading home. Meanwhile  my paper calendar at home has no way of letting me know I have a 3 o’clock appointment written down. My BlackBerry that is always with me would have let me know just that.

The biggest tip I can offer is; “Use Your BlackBerry Calendar”.

One thing I would suggest is to enable quick entry by going to Calendar, Menu Key, Options, General Options then under Actions set enable quick entry toCapture8_41_43 Yes. (Device Default is set to No)

When Quick Entry is enabled, you can add appointments by following these steps:
1. In Day View, type the name you wish to give the appointment.
2. In parentheses, type the location of the appointment.
3. Roll the trackball to select the end time for the appointment and then click the trackball to save.
4. Yes that simple!

**Note** When enabling Quick Entry the hot-key shortcuts for Calendar will be disabled. (Small sacrifice for the ability to enter appointments on the fly.) The Hot-Keys simply let you switch Views of Day, Week, Month ect.. ect.. and you can still do this from your menu key.

If you have other helpful things to offer please leave a comment and share with everyone.

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