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First mobile Auto Claims Tool for Blackberry Users.

Thanks to Karen for sharing this information with us. This is going to be an interesting story to follow, now that the InsPosts application is out there for BlackBerry® devices. We will have to wait and see what insurance carriers have this customized and put into action for their customers.


This is a product for the Insurance companies directed at the “tech savvy” Gen Y market. You’ve probably seen the Nationwide TV commercials touting their iPhone accident reporting software. There are other larger carriers developing their own versions, so we believe the need exists in the market for a product such as InsPost.

Basic Benefits:
Insurance Companies: It is to the insurance companies benefit to wrap up a claim quickly as possible, to improve the customer experience and reduce the cost of handling a claim.

Policy Holder: Provide peace of mind to the insured by allowing them to download an Accident Claims Reporting App with a Camera, GPS locator and ability to enter Other Vehicles Parties information and have it all in one place to be sent immediately after the accident and into the Insurance Companies hands.


*InsPost’s* key strengths are ease-of-use for the insured, coupled with the ability to capture more complete and accurate information at the accident scene and then quickly deliver that data to the Insurance Company claims server. We’ve created both the application that resides on the smartphone and the back-end application, which populates the standard Claims report.

To get started the insured downloads the application from the carrier (policy information, vehicle, license, etc) to the Insured’s smartphone. When an accident occurs, the insured just taps the icon (the carrier’s logo) to initiate the accident reporting process. In just 5 easy steps, photos of the accident scene, GPS location, date/time, along with the pertinent information on the other driver is captured and bundled for delivery to the insurance company’s claims system. One Industry consultant suggested “Instantaneous Notice of Loss” will catch on in describing this process. Our sense is that the speedy delivery of more accurate accident data will reduce claims handling expense and improve satisfaction. While it may not completely replace the call center, it can certainly reduce the need for callbacks and help improve the efficiency of claims handling.


We strongly believe that our InsPost application is a natural fit with today’s highly mobile, active drivers. And it’s more than just an accident reporting tool, as the product’s design and functionality also allows carriers to communicate directly and repeatedly with their insured. Recently JD Powers cited the large tech savvy market as having much higher levels of satisfaction when communications takes place in a manner with which they are most comfortable.

InsPost is a product of ACP Interactive, a 25-year-old San Francisco based corporation with extensive roots in communications and technology. We are most interested in developing strategic marketing relationships with firms that are widely represented in the Insurance market.

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