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You’ll be surprised at how many apps are running invisibly on your phone even when you’ve tried to close everything. The “What’s Running” icon shows the total number of apps running and waiting in working memory (RAM).

Click the icon for a detailed list of running apps, including the % of installed whats runningapps that are running and attributes such as which of the apps run automatically when the phone starts up.

Also view a list of all installed apps, with the running ones marked.

Click on any app to see its details and be offered a start or switch button. This enables you to start background apps that don’t have icons, such as features that have stopped working due to errors that caused their background processes to terminate.

Sometimes a newly-installed app fails to work until after a reset just because its background component did not start. You can try starting it manually with “What’s Running?” rather than doing a phone reset just to get it to start automatically.

The icon indicator refreshes periodically while you are at the home screen. This should not have a noticeable impact on battery life or phone responsiveness, but if you wish you can easily turn off the icon’s automatic updating; it would then refresh only when clicked.

  • Invisible running app viewer.
  • Background app starter.
  • Icon indicator with total # of apps running/waiting.

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