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Through Wells Fargo’s Mobile Banking applications, customers can access their current available account balances*, transaction history, and credit card payment information. Customers can also securely transfer funds to their other accounts or to other Wells Fargo customers and pay bills.

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking is integrated with each smartphone’s built in GPS (Global Positioning System) feature so customers can search for the nearest ATM or Wells Fargo banking store with the touch of a button.

In addition, customers can receive alerts on their mobile devices.

With apps you can:
    * Pay bills
    * Transfer funds
    * Send money to other Wells Fargo customers
    * Explore detailed account activity
    * View balance information
    * Utilize GPS to get one-touch access and directions to ATM/location information
    * Get quick access to Sign On screen

Download from your Desktop HERE!

You can download OTA HERE!

Full Press Release HERE!

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