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blackberry weather widget blackberry weather widget blackberry weather widget

QuickWeather is a (Premium) weather widget that will display your current weather conditions anywhere on your homescreen. Not active when the back-light is off or if your device is in bedtime mode and has no lag or battery drain effects on your device and allows you to choose update frequency. You can also get a 5-day forecast of your local area via a popup window which displays temperature forecast, current temperature, current humidity level, wind speed and sunrise / sunset times.

Currently only available for the Torch and Storm series. Support for other devices coming soon!

QuickWeather does not work by changing your wallpaper. QuickWeather is a home screen widget and does not interfere with theme hotspots or any other elements on your home screen.

* Displays current temperature and hi/lo forecast
* Choose update frequency
* Change background color
* Change text color
* Set transparency level
* Set on-screen location
* Display weather conditions or city name
* Celsius or Fahrenheit
* 2 Layout styles

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.


Download the BlackBerry Sites Store onto your device Here.

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