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I do not know much about but we received a tip that this social network site was going to be available for BlackBerry Devices so we looked into it.  They do have a dedicated site for BlackBerry Devices and even a screen shot of a simulated Wazzuu screen on a BlackBerry, but the page says (Coming Soon). blackberry-large If anyone knows any other information please feel free to leave a comment.

What is
Without going back too far, the evolution of written communication went from pigeons, to mail, to email, to chat, to instant messaging, to Facebook and Twitter, and now Wazzuu, more than an evolution, it’s a Revolution!
Wazzuing is the latest craze in social networking, bringing together your mobile life and your internet life. Sharing it with your friends and family has never been easier or more aims to provide the coolest social network on the planet!  noticed that current social networks mostly aim to help you find new friends and are not really built to keep your private life private, yet connected with those you care, This is when the idea came up to provide a platform that runs both on your mobile phone and on the web that allows you to do just that, simply and quickly connect with your friends, let them know what you are up to, where you are and what you see from anywhere in the world. We believe more and more people use GPS enabled mobile phones and it is time to take advantage of such a great feature.

You can visit the Home Page HERE!

Wazzuu for BlackBerry (Coming Soon) is HERE!

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