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Have you ever forgot where you parked your car? At the airport, sporting event or at a downtown event?


Xpressions Inc. created VQ CarFinder to solve this very issue. Now most people would never admit to “somewhat forgetting” where they parked. Myself being one of them. However I do know OTHER people that have forgotten where they have parked their vehicle at some point. You do need to check what other hardware you may need if any for this application to work, so I have included most of the Press Release so you have all the details.

“VQ CarFinder seems so simple in thought, yet it can produce amazing results when needed.”

Press Release Excerpts:
VQ CarFinder™ the only vehicle locating smartphone application that AUTOMATICALLY remembers where you parked, is now available on BlackBerry App World™ for GPS-enabled BlackBerry® smartphones.  A free trial of the FULL version of VQ CarFinder is being offered to users to promote the launch of this innovative new application.

With VQ CarFinder, you don’t have to do anything when you park. Then, when you want to find your car, you simply click the VQ CarFinder icon on your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry® Maps guides you back to your car (with the map and directional arrows continuously updated as you walk toward your car).

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“With other car locating applications, you have to launch them when you park so they can mark where your car is. If you forget to do this, those apps have no way of knowing where you parked… so when you really need them – when you’re distracted and not thinking about where you parked – they can’t help you find your car,” continues Korn.  “VQ CarFinder doesn’t have this issue because it automatically remembers where you park every time, so you don’t need to remember to do anything until you want to find your car.”

BlackBerry smartphone users can download a free trial of the FULL version of VQ CarFinder on BlackBerry App World, or from the VQ CarFinder site.  After the trial period users can purchase a VQ CarFinder license for the special introductory price of just $9.99 (regular price is $24.99).

VQ CarFinder software uses the capabilities of a GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphone along with in-vehicle Bluetooth® (or a VQ Bluetooth Car Charger) to determine when and where the car is parked (when the user starts their car, VQ CarFinder notes the existence of the Bluetooth signal and automatically launches the GPS; when the user turns off their car, VQ CarFinder notes the loss of the Bluetooth signal and stores the last GPS waypoint as the location of the parked car).

To purchase a VQ Bluetooth Charger for just $19.99 plus shipping & handling (regular price is $39.99), users just launch their purchased copy of VQ CarFinder software, click Select BT Device, then click Purchase. Purchases are securely processed using PayPal®.  The VQ Bluetooth Car Charger comes with both micro-USB and mini-USB adapters and works with all BlackBerry smartphone models.

VQ CarFinder works on BlackBerry smartphones that have built-in GPS, including the BlackBerry® Storm™, BlackBerry® Bold™ and various models in the BlackBerry® Curve™ series.

You can get the Free Trial Download at BlackBerry app World.

Or you can go to VQ CarFinder Home Page HERE!

Full press Release HERE!

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