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Vpost version 2.0 has now been released and in my opinion a “Must Have Application“.
I covered vPost back on March 8th and was extremely pleased with both the company Vayyoo and the product Vpost.


Some of the new features added are:
– Support of Storm devices.
– Enhanced theme and icons for ease of use.
– Enhanced visual media preview from the main screen
– Single click turn on/ off the GPS stamp from main screen.
– Number of attachments displayed on top right of screen.
– New ‘Attach file’ icon and option for thumbnail view of attachments
– Improved device memory management.
– Volume control on media playback via side convenience keys Indicator
– Enhanced options for configuration and settings including total size limit.

vPost lets you capture and email any combination of Pictures, Video, Audio Notes, Text & GPS location using an extremely powerful and simple interface. Once you capture any combination of media you can send it via email to friends, family, colleagues, blogs and social networks. Without vPost it can take over 5 minutes to compose an email with 2 pictures, an audio note, and GPS location. With vPost this task can be done in less than a minute with no hassles. Try vPost today and start sending rich-media to anyone and everyone!

Introduction to vPost

Vpost Setup on the Storm.

– file a life experience by emailing it to yourself
– share it with close friends while it is happening
– send it to social networks to share with wider circle of friends
– annotate pictures with a voice recording of what actually happened
– send events real time to news agencies (CNN, BBC, etc.)
– send voice notes and get confirmation of email delivery
– send your friends your exact location in near real time.


14 day Free Trial

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