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Your vote now counts past Election Day! Visible Vote lets you advise visible_votecongress on how to vote on the major upcoming legislation, follow current events, understand your legislators’ voting records and compare your voting preference to your legislators’ voting history.

Today Visible Vote announced that it has surpassed 100,000 users in the United States and 1.3 million votes sent by citizens to Congress. Visible Vote is a free, non-partisan application available on Smartphones, Desktops, and Facebook that gives citizens the ability to advise their congressional leaders how to vote for them on individual bills with a click of a button.

What this app does for you:
* Sends an overview fax every week to your legislators on how YOU and others in his/her district are voting.
* Automatically provides feedback to you when senators vote for or against you.
* Updates you on new issues to vote on when enough users track the same bill in Visible Vote.

What you can do with this app:

* Vote and Advise Congress on the Bills your Legislators are debating.
* Add any bill in Congress to your profile to track and then update your Legislators on how you feel.
* Easily know how your legislators are voting on issues you care about.
* Call your legislator’s office with one click.
* Follow your legislators twitter accounts easily.
* Send a FAX to your Legislators through Facebook.
* View State Vote tallies on each issue to see where everyone in your state stands.
* Look at each issue your legislator agrees or disagrees with you on.
* Submit a Job Approval Rating for All Legislators.
* Leave personal comments to Facebook Friends or the Visible Vote community on Legislators and Bills.

To visit the Download page via your Desktop go HERE!

Non Storm Devices can download OTA HERE!

Storm Devices can download OTA HERE!

Source (PRNewsWire)

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