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BerryBlab allows you to quickly and easily use vBulletin forums on your BlackBerry, without using your Web Browser, and was just updated to v. 0.992. The administrator of the vBulletin forum that you visit must have the BerryBlab plugin installed as well. One site I visit often  is the Themes4bb forum a great place for free blackberry themes along with ring-tones and wallpapers. BerryBlab displays the site quickly and without any problems at all.
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If you visit any vBulletin forums then BerryBlab is definitely a must have for your BlackBerry Device.


  • Multiple Forum access
  • User Login
  • View Forums
  • View Sub Forums
  • Private Messaging – View, Reply, Reply All, New
  • View Latest Threads
  • View Subscribed Threads
  • Reply to Posts
  • Create New Threads
  • View Images as thumbnails and full size

ALL Blackberry Devices with OS 4.5+, including Storm and Storm 2 Touch Screen supported.

Simply install the BerryBlab app onto your BlackBerry and add your Favorite Forums.

BerryBlab Home Page is HERE!

To download OTA go HERE!

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