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Minipaint is available for both Storm and non-Storm devices. I have been using MiniPaint on my 8900 for quite a while and I really like the pictures I create in MiniPaint and that it does not effect my original picture at all.


You can use the Free version or purchase a license for the premium version.

Whats the Paid Version Get You?screenshot_6
*No more “minipaint” leyend on created images
* Access for unlimited clipart downloads
* The Image Filters feature (Sepia, Solarize, Invert, HSB, Gray Scale,
Borders and others)
* More fonts, sizes and colors in the Text Tool

BlackBerry MiniPaint have unique features, all in one pack. You simply won’t find a product with all features offered MiniPaint, mainly by the Image Filters.

Image rotation
Image scaling
Image cropping
Clipart.- Early 100 images available, and many more will be added.
Text.- several fonts, sizes, colors, bold & italic
Image filters.- Sepia, Solarize, Invert, HSB, Gray Scale, Borders and others

In fact, the images created with MiniPaint are ready to be shared with your friends or family by MMS, Twitter, FaceBook, Email. They are small and they are funny!

Get the Storm VersionĀ  HERE!

All other BlackBerry Devices go HERE!

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