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A big thanks to Verizon Wireless for letting us try out the BlackBerry Z30.  I Had the opportunity to use the BlackBerry Z30 for quite a few days and wanted to share my thoughts below.

As I powered on the gargantuan Z30, I was not expecting much more than my Z10 with a larger screen.  Boy was I wrong in making that assumption.  Yes the screen was much larger and the image quality is exceptional. Some people were worried about the lower pixel density compared to the Z10, but the AMOLED screen more than makes up for it.  When you stare at the fingerprint resistant screen, the only thing that stares back at you is pure beauty.

When holding the device in your hand, the battery door is just soft enough to provide excellent grip without the fear of dropping. I really enjoyed the matte clear finish over the ‘Carbon Fiber’ battery door. It was a welcomed change of pace over the shiny ‘Carbon Fiber’ battery door on the Bold 9900. Not better, but every bit as nice, just different. The Z30 as a whole was just delightful to hold in your hand.

The OS was no different than what I was use to since I was already on a leaked 10.2.1. So I didn’t really expect to see anything new. As far as functionality goes, the Z30 blew my Z10 out of the water.  Don’t get me wrong, my Z10 performs just like it should, fast and reliable.  But the Z30 is a battery sipping powerhouse. It is so fast at processing your input that it teeters on the line of precognition.  I am not much of a mobile gamer but I did play quite a few games on it to test out the abilities. I don’t think I could ask for a better mobile gaming experience.  My Z10 gets a little hot when playing games, but the Z30 didn’t even get warm.

When you find yourself looking for a new device, or find yourself looking down at your current iPhone, or Android, or Windows phone and remembering the old BlackBerry that you had, go into your carrier (sadly only Verizon currently) and pick up a Z30 and take it for a test drive.  You won’t regret it, that is, unless you are stuck in a contract and can’t upgrade yet.

You can check out the BlackBerry Z30 at Verizon Here.

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