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US Cellular Announced New phones launching through end of 2010. Two of these new phones are BlackBerry Devices. Could one of the really be the BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell?

Press Release Excerpt:

"The carrier will release the BlackBerry Bold in early August and later this year it will offer a BlackBerry flip smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. U.S. Cellular is also releasing new touch screen devices like the LG Banter Touch featuring a 3-inch touch display and side-sliding QWERTY keyboard."

Now according to what they have listed in the press release the BlackBerry Flip with the full QWERTY keyboard would seem to be the much rumored and discussed 9670 Clamshell running BlackBerry OS 6.

The Bold listed being available available in early August in the press release, should be the 9650 that has many cool features including 512mb internal memory.

Full Press Release HERE!

Source (PR Newswire)

Photo Source (BGR)

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