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The all-new Ubi Ubi delivers more powerful search features, easier-to-navigate menus, uniquely intelligent restaurant suggestions, and more.
The only upscale dining culture destination designed exclusively for smartphones, Ubi Ubi™ is now sleeker, smarter, and faster following a major redesign to make it even more updated, connected, and respected. Ubi Ubi is the sole mobile Internet carrier of the venerated Michelin restaurant guides and the witty Hg2.


The MICHELIN Guide is the global authority for restaurant reviews, and UBI UBI is thrilled to have the company at our table. Their prestigious, time-honored star system is recognized and trusted around the world as the benchmark for excellence.

About Hg2:
Hg2: A Hedonist’s guide to… is not the typical restaurant guide. Hg2 Guides are compiled from the opinions of local restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers, critics, and maitre d’s. Their insightful and personal responses reveal which restaurants they consider the best and where they choose to eat when they’re not working.

Ubi Ubi has pushed the limits of advanced, intuitive mobile interfaces. The updated product is customized for the three main types of mobile restaurant seekers — typers, clickers, and scrollers — enabling all three types to find accurate dining information faster than ever before.

There is a FREE UNREGISTERED version, FREE REGISTERED version and a PREMIUM MEMBER version.

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