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Matthias let us know about his newest version of FileScout (formerly known as BBFileScout) Version  A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices, “all in one” file, zip, text and image manager for your BlackBerry®.


What’s new?
* New File Associations Option: “Use the BlackBerry default Browser to open HTML files”. In previous versions of FileScout HTML files where always opened with the Media application. With this new Option it’s possible to open any HTML files (e.g. from your SDCard) with the default BlackBerry® browser application.
* New Function in TextViewer/Editor: Toggle WordWrap (ON/OFF)
Unfortunately not available for for Storm users: For some reason, the layout manager does not support horizontal & vertical scrolling of a text field at the same time (looks like a bug in the OS) – when WordWrap was turned of you could scroll horizontal but it was impossible to scroll up/down – I tried all my best to get around this flaw but I was not successful yet – my apologize for this inconvenience.
* New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Auto WordWrap (to select the startup behavior of the TextViewer/Editor) – default value is ON
Unfortunately not available on TouchScreen devices (see above)
* New functionality in search popup:
o Select and deselect multiple files in the search result – Key shortcut:
o Add single file (or selection of files) to virtual Clipboard [so the file(s) can be copied or moved to any destination once the search dialog is closed] – Key shortcut [C|V]
Please note you can repeat as many searches as you like – each time you add a file (or a selection) to the clipboard the number of files in the clipboard is increasing.
o Checkbox: Search only in the current directory
* New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: FontSize – select between: ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘default’, ‘large’ or ‘I am an old man’ (default: DEFAULT)
* Options are directly accessible from the TextViewer/Editor
* TextViewer/Editor loading performance improved
* TextViewer/Editor: new Menu items ‘Goto Start’ & ‘Goto End’
* TextEditor: new Menu item ‘Switch to ReadOnlyMode’ -> this will give you access to all new key shortcuts
* TextViewer/Editor: new key shortcuts (TextEditor have to be in ‘ReadOnly’ Mode)
[O|P]     toggle WordWar(p)     (not available on Storm)
[F|D]     open (F)ind popup
+[F|D]     find next
goto (t)op of document
[B|N]     goto (b)ottom of document
[Q|W]     goto next (W)ord     (not available on Storm)
+[Q|W]     goto previous (W)ord     (not available on Storm)
[A|S]     goto (s)tart of line     (not available on Storm)
[E|R]     goto (e)nd of line     (not available on Storm)
go one page down     (not available on Storm)
[SHIFT|ALT]+     go on page up     (not available on Storm)
[X|Y|Z]     switch to EditMode     (only if EditMode is enabled in the Options)
* New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Start Editor in ReadOnlyMode
If you have enabled the TextEditor, then you can specify if a file should be automatically opened in the ReadOnly more first. This allows you instantly to navigate with the new key shortcuts once you are opening a text file.
* New General Option ‘Warn when number of files in one directory exceed’: You can select between 500|1000|2000|4000 files or no warning at all [DEFAULT: 2000]
When you open a directory with FileScout it takes some time to read the content – you can select at which content size a waring should be displayed in order to get already a feedback to your open action.
* New Menu Item ‘Show vClipboard Content’: Will open a popup that is showing you the current content of the virtual Clipboard.
The virtual Clipboard popup supports the following key shortcuts:
Open containing directory
[DEL|Backspace]     Remove selected file/directory from vClipboard
Close the popup dialogue
* New Menu Item ‘eMail <selection>’ (when multiple files are selected)
This function will send all files (no directories) that are multi-selected in the current folder. You can select multiple files by using the key. Please have in mind that the total attachment size might be limited by your provider!
* New Menu Item ‘eMail DIRECTORY-NAME’ (when a directory is highlighted)
This new function will send all files (no subdirectories) which are in current selected folder. Please have in mind that the total attachment size might be limited by your provider!
* New ‘File associations’ Options: In the past FileScout was registering itself automatically as content handler for the MimeType text/txt for various extensions. Now this is configurable for which file extensions you would like to register FileScout as content handler in the BlackBerry® OS. You can select the following extensions: .ini, .log and/or .xml.
Please note, that any change to this setting does only take effect after a full device reboot.

What’s fixed?

* File list scrolling speed tweaked – this version should give you a slight performance boost compared to previous versions of FileScout 😉
* File list will be updated, if ‘Create New File’ or ‘Save as…’ is used
* TextEditor ‘Save as…’ will check, if destination exist

FileScout Core Features:
* FileScout is a file system browser for your BlackBerry® (including hidden files)
* Create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files
* Zip and Unzip files or complete directory structures with your BlackBerry® (no support for password protected zips)
* Copy and delete complete directory structures
* Open all media files (supported by your BlackBerry®)
* Register additional file types with other (3rd party) applications (if supported)
* Open files (like ini, xml, etc.) as plain text so you can edit, mark, copy, and paste text fragments of files that normally can’t be opened with your BlackBerry®. This can become very valuable when you receive email attachments that are not normally supported by your BlackBerry®
* Delete pre-installed wallpapers, videos, and ringtones in order to free memory on your device***
Please note: once these features are deleted, the only way to get them back is to hard reset your device!
* Display thumbnails for supported image files (if enabled in the options)
* Search for files and directories on your BlackBerry® device
* Send any file as an email attachment to your BlackBerry® contacts
* Send any file via Bluetooth to another device that support OBEX
* Define a favorite directory list (as shortcuts)
* Show details for files & directories [modification date, is hidden, etc…]
* Resize (& rotate) images in order to save time and money when sending photos to your friends via your BlackBerry®
* Create playlists (across multiple folders)
* More to come? – is there really something you miss for a file manager application? If so, let me know!

FileScout Home Page for additional info, making a donation and Screenshots HERE!

OTA download link HERE!

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