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I’ve always wondered why RIM hasn’t added a Recycle Bin like function to the BlackBerry OS.  It would be a great feature to have, a feature I think a lot of people would love.  I can’t count how many times I have deleted something on accident and then wished for a way to easily recover it like I do on my PCs. Well developer Derek Papworth has made an app that helps with some accidental deletes.

UnDelete captures and enables the recovery of deleted items from all of the standard PIM apps (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memo Pad) plus Email and PIN Messages on BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5 or above. It works great without using much resources and gives the user a lot of control over what is kept and for how long. It is easily the best alternative to a native solution I have found so far.

• Supports all PIM apps – Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & MemoPad + Email* & PIN Messages
• Direct access from the “UnDelete” menu option in each of the supported apps.
• Quick and easy recovery with minimum keystrokes and automatic return to app.
• Recover back to a different list if available (i.e. multiple Calendars).
• Separate deleted item folders for each type (Contacts, Calendar, etc) listed by most recent.
• Control the maximum number of deleted items held at any one time separately for each type.
• Control the number of days to keep items for separately for each type.
• Hourly background task maintains folders based on user criteria.
• Manually delete (permanently) items or empty an entire type’s folder of deleted items.

* Some limitations apply when recovering Emails – refer to help document for more details.

Price: Free Trial / $2.99

UnDelete is Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store here


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