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This most recent update (.970) is mostly a bug-fix/stabilization release. This is in preparation for a substantial feature upgrade for Beta-8 which they plan to release soon. After the upgrade you will need to do a reboot and go through the setup pages again but overall the install is seamless. Download HERE!

ubertwitterlogoThe following changes have been made from 0.963 to 0.970
# Java exceptions on device boot – Fixed issue where java exceptions would be reported on device reboot due to lack of permissions
# Opt-out of sponsored tweets – Users can now opt out of receiving sponsored tweets
# Goto User bug fix – Fixed bug where entering a user not in your time line and then pressing trackball wouldn’t use the text you entered but instead find the closest match from your friends list
# Everyone Near You – Fixed bug where it wouldn’t uses your current Capture11_51_52location, and sometimes would revert to somewhere off the coast of Africa. Also increased the distance to a 10 mile radius, in the future we will let you select this.
# Mini-Icon Notification – Fixed bug where if the app didn’t have certain permissions not related to the mini-icon, it still wouldn’t show the mini-icon
# Fine-Tuned control of visual notifications – There are now three settings each for the mini-icon and application icon so you can fine-tune the control over how you want each to notify you. Also, the number next to the mini-icon will only reflect the number of new tweets of the type it is tracking. For example, if you only set the mini-icon to track new DMs, then the number next to the mini-icon will only reflect the number of new DMs.
# New short-cut for page-up – Added a new short-cut to page-up in the time line, pressing ‘0’ (zero) will now page up in the time line
# Instability when using cell location – Fixed bug that would cause instability in the app when using cell tower location
# 3G Cell Tower Inaccuracy – Fixed a bug in the cell tower location mechanism when 3G towers were being used
# Symbol Screen – Again reworked the symbol screen
# Secure Connection – Changed the default Twitter endpoint so your traffic will travel over a secure HTTPS connection
# Deleting DMs – We now allow you to delete direct messages.
# Constant permissions requests – Fixed bug where every time the app was started it would ask for permissions.

Version 0.970 can be downloaded via desktop or OTA HERE!

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