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Beta-6  is finally here!
UberTwitter is what I use on my BlackBerry and with all the new features available with this new release, it is obvious they intend to continually improve an already great product. UberTwitter may not be the perfect app for everyone but it is definitely worth a try. They will be adding builds for 4.3 and 4.2 BlackBerry OS devices later today.A free and premium version is available.
* Lists, Lists, Lists!!! – You can create, delete, subscribe, add members, view members, all the functionality you would expect of an Über mobile client!ubertwitter logo
* Find People – You can search for people, just like the ‘Find People’ link on Twitter’s home page.
* New Icon – We love it!
* Über Bar – We couldn’t resist the name! This is a tab bar at the top of the screen, the neat thing is that you can add your own tabs! A list can be a tab, users timelines, and soon saved searches
* Retweets – We support the old method and new method, you decide!
* Update Twitter Profile – Yes, you can update your Twitter profile directly from your phone.
* Profile Picture – We have heard you, upload a picture for your Twitter avatar right from your phone!
* Report Spam – One menu selection to report a tweet as a spam.
* Twitter Geo-Tagging – We provide support Twitter’s new geo-tagging capability. You can decide whether to use URLs, Twitter Geo-Tagging, or both!
* Friend Picker – Type ‘@’ and a list of your friends automatically pops up allowing selection
* Larger Avatars – Click the profile picture, and view a larger version! You can even email that larger version!
* TwitLonger – Yes, you can tweet MUCH longer tweets now, thanks to the folks over at, we have fully integrated this capability into both sending long tweets, and automatically retrieving long tweets. We love it!
* What The Trend? – Ever wonder why certain topics were trending or what they meant? No more! We have integrated with the folks over at to allow you to see the explanations for trending topics, and also for you to provide your own explanations!
* Choice of timeline layout – Choose the new ‘bubble’ layout or the original ‘bar’ layout.
* Verified Users – We show a small blue check-mark icon in the timeline to denote verified users
* Network Connection Logic – We re-worked the network connection logic, things should be alot smoother.

Beta-6 can be downloaded via your BlackBerryHERE!

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