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ÜberTwitter Beta-2.1 has now been released! The big thing in this release is support for BIS-B which will allow many more BlackBerry owners to become Über users!


About:  From UberTwitter:

ÜberTwitter is a company devoted to delivering highly functional Twitter clients for mobile devices. Our first product is ÜberTwitter for the BlackBerry line of mobile phones. We are very excited about the opportunity to provide BlackBerry users with a full featured Twitter client which will include:

* Integrated ability to upload pictures to a site dedicated to serving ÜberTwitter users
* Ability to optionally update your Google Talk status with your last tweet, making your tweets reach a wider audience then just people following you on Twitter
* Automatically update your location based on the cell tower information provided by your phone, no GPS hardware required.

* Send videos embedded in your tweet
* See everyone who is tweeting near you

The version number on this release is: 0.55
If you currently have a version below 0.55, you will start receiving notification via pop-up messages that you need to upgrade.


Below is the change log of features and bug fixes included in this release:

* Added ‘Send to UberTwitter’ item to BB OS versions below 4.6 when viewing picts/videos, allowing you to send pictures already on your device
* Support for images in preview/view (note there is a bug we are working on where BIS-B users can’t see yfrog images, works for Direct TCP)
* Support for images in preview/view
* Merging @replies (replies and mentions) into your timeline is now optional (default off), changeable through options wizard. Note that turning this on can make you more easily hit the rate limit. In a future release we’ll allow a completely separate update schedule for @replies
* Moved @replies and Direct Messages To You menu items up towards the top for convenience
* Fixed bug when trying to follow people from any of the search timelines
* Fixed bug where device updates were set to on when you followed someone, regardless if you didn’t select that option
* Added shortcut ‘d’ to direct message someone
* Added Direct Message to menu in Friends/Followers
* Small avatars should work fine now, when you change it automatically changes your timeline, flushes cache, etc.
* Added option to NOT use BB sound/vib notifications – some models are almost impossible to figure out how to change. Note that the default setting is OFF, so if you want notifications you need to go into the options wizard and check this option.
* Avatars weren’t being scaled correctly, causing issues on some devices
* ReTweets were setting the ‘reply-to-id’, which would cause it to be treated like a reply, which did not allow some users to view the tweet
* Changed fonts on status update screen to be consistent
* When pict/vid is added to tweet, subtract correct number of characters to account for URL, making the character count more accurate
* Fixed bug where uncaught exception could occur if you clicked an ‘@user’ in another bb app and ÜberTwitter wasn’t already running
* Fixed bug where some failures to retrieve avatars could result in ‘spinning arrows’ and a huge battery drain.
* Turned on an auto-refresh whenever your timeline screen is exposed, this was requested by many users!

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