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ubersocial twitter app for blackberry

UberSocial Twitter app for BlackBerry has been updated to v1.252. This is a small update from the v1.251 update we got just a few days ago. The change log is listed below and your BlackBerry does require a re-boot after update.

UberSocial is a full featured location aware Twitter client which supports all of the features of Twitter as well as advanced capabilities such as: photo integration, embedded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking, URL shortening, twitter lists, changing your twitter avatar, saved searches, conversation threads, twitter profile editing, view who is retweeeting you, and a plethora of other features.

Changes from 1.251 to 1.252 include:

  • Increased the default local timeline cache size
  • Removed the ability to retweet a tweet from a private account

To Download UberSocial 1.251 go Here

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