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Beta-7 is now available with mostly bug-fixes/stabilization release. This is in preparation for a substantial feature upgrade for Beta-8 which has a planned release in March. After the upgrade you will need to do a reboot and go through the setup pages again but overall is seamless. You can upgrade by going HERE!
Change Log / Fixes:
* Picture/Video Chooser – Modified to be much quicker and sort newest files Capture20_44_27to the top. Once BlackBerry fixes the bug in 5.0 which prevents us from using their built-in chooser, we will switch to that which will provide thumbnails.
* Viewing TwitLonger Tweets – Fixed bug where longer tweets were getting cut off
* Copy/Paste Links – Fixed a bug where when you copied/pasted a link from a tweet it would end up pasting the entire link.
* Avatar Uploads – Fixed a bug where some users avatar uploads would consistently fail.
* Flickr Image Support – Now support in-line thumbnails and viewing of Flickr images.
* TwitGoo – Now support in-line thumbnails and viewing of TwitGoo images.
* Pressing Enter on Uber Bar – Pressing ENTER on the Uber Bar will now select the tab.
* Friend Picker – Fixed a bug where the friend picker would sometimes not show up when pressing ‘@’
* Battery Drain – Fixed a bug where failures to load your friends list would significantly drain the battery.
* Short-cut to Email a Tweet – press ‘z’ to email a tweet!
* Spurious reboots/White Screens – Through painstaking tests with our test group we tracked down the issue that was causing spurious reboots and instability for some users.
* WiFi Only Fix – Fixed a bug where users with no data plan were unable to use the wifi only mode.
* Reply All and underscores – Fixed a bug in reply-all where users with an underscore were not getting copied properly.
* Added Cancel to retweet dialog – Added the option to select ‘cancel’ when being asked whether to use the new or old retweet method.
* Load More on list timelines – Fixed the ‘load more’ button so it actually works at the bottom of list timelines.
* Focus switch to tweet text – Changed the focus to be the tweet text and not the avatar when opening a tweet
* URL now supported – Now support for preview and image views.
* Inability to delete tweets less than 15 characters – Fixed the bug where you couldn’t delete tweets less than 15 characters.
* Adding account to account list – Fixed bug where adding a new account didn’t immediately show up in the account list.
* BirdNext Proxy Bug – Fixed a bug so that the Bird Next proxy will now work when posting tweets.
* New Style Retweets Truncated – Fixed bug where new style retweets would sometimes be truncated if the original tweet was close to 140 characters.
* Sponsored Content – Changed sponsored content ‘bubbles’ to look different then regular tweets.
* GPS failures – Fixed an issue where the built-in GPS would not be used for location.
* Exceptions when permissions were not granted – Fixed numerous issues which would be triggered if the application didn’t have adequate permissions.

The following changes have been made from 0.960 to 0.963

* TwitLonger confirmation dialog – We have added a dialog confirming that you want to use TwitLonger when sending a tweet.
* Auto network bug fix – Fixed a bug where the AUTO section would not work, but setting to BIS-B would work.
* Mini-indicator icon bug fix – Fixed bug where the mini-indicator icon would not work
* Application Permissions – Specifically asked for the inter-application permission, as not having it makes certain capabilities non-functional.

You can get UberTwitter by going HERE!

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