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After just a couple of months of feedback, RIM is readying a refresh of the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones beta application. There’s been a lot of discussion about the application and its current features, as well as requests for new features. RIM has listened and new features include:

•       Quote tweets (ability to edit ReTweets)

•       Auto complete for @ usernamesCapture22_19_42

•       Additional photo viewing support

•       View Geotagged Tweets

•       Personal Info Guard

•       Hotkeys for navigation

•       Go to users

The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones refresh should start this evening and we anticipate the roll out to happen over the course of tonight May 19th  and Thursday May 20th. Current Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones users will be prompted to update their software, and new users can visit the Test Center in BlackBerry App World and watch for this latest version to become available for download.

You can see All of the update in detail and OTA download link by going


Quote Tweets
– The new version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones allows users to quote a tweet by selecting the “Quote Tweet” from the menu options. Using the new feature adds quotation marks around the original tweet, and users can then add or edit the content of the original tweet.

Username Auto Complete
– While tweeting, when you type an “@” followed by characters, the auto complete feature pops up a list of users as you type. This is a handy tool for quickly adding a long username or if you can’t quite remember how to spell a friend’s handle.

Go to User
– Users can now access Twitter profiles from anywhere within Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones using the auto complete feature mentioned above. Simply select “Go To User” in the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones menu.

Personal Information Guard
Designed to help keep your personal information safe! A warning appears in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones when certain personal information (e.g. email address, PIN, phone number) is about to be shared.

Additional Photo viewing support
In addition to Twitpic support, users now have the ability to view tweeted photos from YFrog and TweetPhoto!

twittergeo1 twittergeo2

View Geotagged Tweets
Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones does not yet allow users to add geolocation to their tweets. In the new version, however, the locations of geotagged tweets can be viewed using BlackBerry® Maps.

New Navigation Hotkeys
A bunch of new hotkeys have been added for speedy navigation. Familiarize yourself with the list below as they are quite helpful:

  • R (reply)
  • L (reply all)
  • Space (page down)
  • F (retweet)
  • C (compose)
  • D (refresh)
  • Alt+0 (home)
  • Alt+1 (mentions)
  • Alt+2 (lists)
  • Alt+3 (profile)
  • Alt+4 (inbox)
  • Alt+5 (find people)
  • Alt+6 (search)
  • Alt+7 (popular topics)

You can install OTA by going HERE!

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