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I came across this while checking some press releases and figured I would share the information. Not sure how this will work exactly but seems like it will be pretty cool. Twalkin Announces Launch of First Free Twitter-Based, Onetouch Live Voice Broadcast, Chat and Archiving Application and expected to be available for BlackBerry Devices by the end of November 2009.


What is Twalkin?
Twalkin users can organize, manage, and securely share information via voice connection on Twitter. Twalkin’s patent-pending technology provides users with unique capabilities including calling one or a group of selected Twitter friends or broadcasting to all Twitter followers with the touch of a single button. Twalkin’s robust management tools provide control on-the-fly, from a handset or browser window, including the ability to mute and un-mute callers, boot-off callers, and add or join groups.
Twalkin application is free to download and free to use. Twalkin users can easily talk to one another or broadcast at the touch of a button with complete privacy and the simplicity of any telephone. All Twalkin connections can be archived for followers unable to join live to replay at their convenience. Additionally, a live chat feature adds another layer to the communication options.

What is Twalkin? from Twalkin on Vimeo.

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