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blackberry headset

¬† I’m back baby. Sorry for the long absence from PlayBookDaily and BlackBerrySites but I am back and I have a smoking hot review. So let’s kick this off. Turtle Beach Earforce M5 is a serious headphone for serious people. Let me start with a confession I love audio; and I have been eyeballing a ton of headphones for a long time. I need a headphone with the ability to go from desktop and moving watching (on my playbook) to being able to call my producer back at my TV station. This turned out to be a tall order. I hate with a passion ear buds. My ears hurt when I use them so that takes a good 60% of the mobile headsets out of the equation. Problem number 2. The clean and clear audio I demand from my professional headsets at work had me spoiled. Consumer headsets just seemed tinny or the bass was way over powering. Then it hit me while I was playing Xbox. If I could have this experience with my ¬†Turtle Beach X11s but still be mobile. So a quick search latter here is the Earforce M5s. Now a lot of people will just say why did I not pick up some beats by Dre. Well here is why all phones like blackberry have a headphone connector but look at your normal headphone connector you will see 3 levels. Those are your contact points. While yes you will get sound it sometimes will not be fully in both ears. There reason your phone is designed with a 4pin connector is you have one connector for each input and out put along with a ground. This allows for better transmission of data or sound.

Ok time for the down and dirty. My view on this headset. Pros vary good sound quality, good voice clarity in large crowds, and comfortable to ware all day. Cons the cord can sometimes get in the way, no volume control on the cable. Final thoughts best headphones for people who care about sound and still want to make calls. For my android and iPhone friends don’t fret this headset is just as much for you as it is for me.

Price Around 35.00

This headset is Available in a lot of retail outlets and I put a link below for Amazon

You can pick this headset up at Amazon Here.

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