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Fans of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be able to stay connected with the network in a big way through an extensive new mobile device application that will hit Blackberry App World in February. The app, which will be available on multiple platforms and devices, provides fans with optimized versions of such rich content as advanced schedules; historical information on hundreds of films; fan commentary; classic film-related widescreen video content beautifully optimized for devices supporting landscape-view options; TCM’s acclaimed movie blog; and an abundance of photo galleries, with original posters, artwork and publicity stills.

The following is a rundown of the elements offered through the TCM mobile device app, which will be updated daily:
* A complete schedule of movies playing on TCM, with full-month views up to two months in advance, personalized to each fan’s time zone.
* An optimized version of the TCM Movie Database, complete with synopses, credits, trivia, detailed background information from the American Film Institute film catalog and fan comments.
* Rich video content, including hundreds of movie clips, trailers and TCM promos, all presented in their original aspect ratios, including widescreen content that maximizes the landscape-view option found on some devices, such as the iPhone and iTouch.
* Photo galleries for films playing on TCM, including such compelling assets as original lobby card sets, behind-the-scenes production stills, publicity stills, original poster art and more.
* An optimized version of TCM’s critically acclaimed MovieMorlocks movie blog.
* In-depth articles by TCM staff members writing about the history and making of nearly every film on TCM.

Source: (Turner news Room)

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