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Tungle Corp. the company that pioneered scheduling made easy, has announced its free scheduling application for  BlackBerry users.
Tungle BlackBerry addresses a common hurdle faced by business users who must organize or attend meetings – finding a time to meet. This challenge is often exacerbated by participants who are telecommuting, working within other organizations or located in different time zones. makes it easy for professionals to schedule meetings across organizations, calendar systems and time zones by eliminating costly double bookings and the endless back and forth of finding a time to meet. As a result, drastically improves productivity and efficiency.

Schedule meetings
Propose times, overlay calendars of sharing contacts, send invites, check pending meetings – everything you need to make meetings happen.

Share calendars
Send sharing requests, choose between free/busy or details, see schedules of people you share with – it’s the world’s first mobile exchange server.

Reply to invites
Receive and reply to invitations from other Tungle users or through your link. Homepage for sign up and additional info go HERE!

BlackBerry OTA download HERE!

BlackBerry Storm OTA download HERE!

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