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Thanks to Mike from Truphone for giving me this information.
I personally do not make international calls, but for those that do
this should come in quite handy.


Truphone is announcing the U.S. arrival of Truphone Business, a version of its voice service to run on Blackberries in the U.S. and to provide international calling at wire line rates.


To hordes of business-oriented Blackberry users, this is a simple voice service that cuts 50 percent off the cost of calling internationally while on the go. It requires no change in calling behavior and delivers centralized monthly billing with itemized and departmental reporting.  To channel partners, this is a zero-investment opportunity to sell more Blackberries, and to garner additional recurring revenue from an existing Blackberry customer base.

Press Release!
Las Vegas (April 1, 2009)—Truphone , a global provider of low cost international cell phone calls, today announced the launch of Truphone Business for the U.S. market, a BlackBerry application enabling business users to make international phone calls from their devices at wireline rates, typically saving 50 percent or more on call charges.

Truphone’s global infrastructure means that these savings are available for calls made from the U.S. to every destination globally, while never compromising on call quality. Moreover, Truphone Business is entirely invisible to end users who simply dial an international number as usual, without noticing that the call is being connected by Truphone.

Truphone Business is quick and easy to provision, being pushed to each device via the Blackberry server, instantly activating the service on every BlackBerry device. Specifically designed for business use, the service also offers centralized monthly billing with itemized and departmental reporting.

Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Truphone said, “Hundreds of thousands of consumers are already enjoying the cost savings on international cell phone calls that Truphone offers. The launch of Truphone Business for the U.S. market comes hot on the heels of the well-received UK launch earlier this month. It follows demand for a business solution from our existing customer base and provides an extremely compelling solution, particularly in this economic climate. Companies are keen to cut costs but find that an increasingly mobile and global workforce need to make international calls from cell phones as a part of day-to-day business. Truphone solves that problem by providing international calls from cell phones at wireline rates.”

How it Works
Truphone Business works alongside existing wireless operators. Users dial a number as usual and if the number is international, Truphone intercepts the call and connects it to the international destination via the Truphone global platform. Companies only pay for the local call to Truphone (which is usually included in their wireless package) and the international leg of the call, at wireline rates.

Free Trials

Truphone Business will be available from BlackBerry resellers throughout the U.S. For more information, to be put in touch with a reseller in your area or to request a free trial of Truphone Business simply email

To download your free trial and more details go HERE!

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