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Thanks to Frank for letting me know about this cool Application for your BlackBerry.

TiVo-HD & Series3 remote for the BlackBerry.

Wonderful Remote connects directly with your TiVo over your BlackBerry wifi connection. Then it allows you to do everything that a regular TiVo remote can do, fast forward, rewind, play pause, change aspect ratio and more.

Check out the Shortcuts below.

Wonderful Remote also has ‘text modes’ that allow you to use the blackberry keyboard to enter text for youtube or on the TiVo text screens. This is much more pleasant than having to navigate to select letters individually as you do with the TiVo remote. Wonderful Remote is also much much more responsive than a typical Infra Red TiVo remote as its connected directly over WiFi.

You may evaluate this application for 48 hours, after which you will need to purchase a license.

Watch the Demo Video Below!

The Price of this Applicaton is $2.99. Very reasonable.

You can check out all the details and download page by going HERE!

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