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I have been using TitanTv for a while; mainly when I am at work (during lunch) or just out and about. I can quickly see the channel lineup and see what shows are  going to be new or a repeat. I was excited to see when they started to offer TitanTV mobile  but unfortunatly for now TitanTV mobile is not compatible with the default BlackBerry web browser. However, BlackBerry users that use other browsers on your BlackBerry Device can access TitanTV mobile. One example is for those using  the Opera Mini web browser.


**NOTE** You must sign up via desktop first, to setup your preferences.

Hopefully soon TitanTV will be compatible with the BlackBerry Browser, but in the meantime you may find the desktop version quite handy.

You can visit TitanTV via your Desktop HERE!

For those using web style browsers on your BlackBerry can see TitanTv Mobile HERE!

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