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Tazzle IT Desktop software has been updated to run on XP, Vista, and Win 7, for both tazzleitviewprintsend32-bit and 64-bit machines, from a single installer.

I would  consider myself a power user of the Tazzle IT, mainly using the print function but still find the view and send functions very useful, and I do occasionally show off by advancing screens of a powerpoint from my BlackBerry device.

The Tazzle IT hardware is very reasonably priced compared to similiar products on the market and the Desktop and BlackBerry Device Software are Free to install.
What is Tazzle IT?
    * Tazzle IT is the ideal solution for the “day warrior,” the business person who needs or wants to travel as lightly as possible, yet needs to be able to carry and access critical information.
    * Tazzle software installs seamlessly within seconds
    * Tazzle IT enables you to share documents with co-workers, customers and others more securely on YOUR terms; show sensitive documents and presentations, and take them with you when you leave without leaving a copy behind

Tazzle IT is a unique combination of secure hardware and software for your BlackBerry Smartphone and XP, Vista, or Windows 7 PC.  

Insert the Tazzle IT into the computer’s USB port, and with a click on the BlackBerry menu:

Wirelessly print directly to the PC’s printer! Prints in all formats supported by the PC!

Quickly view email content, attachments, files like MS Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and photos on the PC’s larger screen without the hassle of cables, SD cards, WiFi configuration, emailing, or synchronization software. No monthly fees, no going through third-party servers!

Add free Tazzle scripts to control PC PowerPoints and cloud-based Google Presentations from your BlackBerry!


After simple 2-minute initial setup, Tazzle IT’s unique Bluetooth system works immediately without ANY additional pairing on any other Windows computer running the easily downloadable Tazzle PC software.  No standard PC Bluetooth nor Bluetooth drivers are used. And at $79.95,  weighing just 3 grams,  1/10 oz.  Tazzle IT is far more versatile and less expensive than complex subscription-based print solutions, and single-function presentation devices. For more information video’s and more go HERE!

You can download the Software OTA for your BlackBerry Device HERE!

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