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blackberry 10 text gram

***Update***  Codeadore was nice enough to send us some screen shots with Textgram on the BlackBerry 10 device, so they are all added below.

Checking this evening for different hashtags I saw that Textgram put out on twitter they were coming to BlackBerry 10. They also had a link to a Textgram BlackBerry 10 YouTube video but it does not show the app in use.  Textgram has had  5 million downloads in the Android (Google Play) market so this should be a great app on BlackBerry 10.

Textgram allows the user to create beautiful graffiti and share them on Facebook, twitter and some other popular applications that I hope will be coming too BlackBerry 10 also.

No price point is listed for the app, but I did check and it’s free in Google Play so lets wait and see what price availability it will have for BlackBerry World.

I did message codeadore for some screen shots so if I do get them I will update this post with them.

IMG_00000009 IMG_00000010 IMG_00000011 IMG_00000012 IMG_00000013 IMG_00000014 IMG_00000015 IMG_00000016 IMG_00000017 IMG_00000018 IMG_00000019 IMG_00000020 IMG_00000022 IMG_00000025 IMG_00000026


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