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Millions of “day warriors” –business men and women who regularly have out-of-office meetings but don’t want to carry heavy computers or tablets with them all day –now have a powerful alternative -a BlackBerry® smartphone and the Tazzle™ IT Bluetooth® powered productivity system.

Introduced today at the start of the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest show of its kind in North America, Tazzle IT elevates mobile Bluetooth capabilities to an entirely new level. It enables day warriors to easily store and transfer data from their BlackBerry smartphone to any Windows-based computer system. The company also announced additional functionality that will allow users to run PowerPoint and cloud-based presentations, like those stored on Google™ Docs, on computer screens or projectors from their BlackBerry smartphones connected with Tazzle IT.

A tiny hardware “key” is at the heart of the Tazzle IT system. Once it is inserted into the USB port of a computer, it instantly pairs with a day warrior’s BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing the user to transmit email content, documents, or photos stored on the phone to the computer with a few clicks. All this is done wirelessly, without requiring access to a Wi-Fi® network, a key benefit to both day warriors as well as IT administrators who want to keep their networks as secure as possible.

“Our technology revolves around the concept of simple and intelligent connectivity,” said Bruce Haendel, Tazzle’s chief executive officer. “Even though netbooks and iPads and tablets are making mobile computing easier, it still requires people to constantly carry something with them…and that’s something many day warriors simply don’t want to do. Tazzle IT lets them carry key information with them on their BlackBerry smartphones, and makes it easier than ever to share it,” he added.

Tazzle’s focus on security is a key feature of the system. Documents transmitted from a user’s BlackBerry smartphone do not actually download onto the receiving computer. Once the document is closed on the computer, all traces of the content are automatically wiped, ensuring that sensitive data remains only in the possession of its owner. Of course, Tazzle IT also gives users the option of easily saving a copy of the data on the machine.

Haendel noted that Tazzle will introduce Android device compatibility in the second quarter of this year, bringing Tazzle’s capabilities to the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform. Google's vice president of mobile platforms, Andy Rubin, recently noted on Twitter that the company is seeing 300,000 Android activations per day, even as BlackBerry’s parent company reported “another record quarter with strong growth in shipments of BlackBerry smartphones leading to record revenue,
subscriber additions and earnings.”

At an MSRP of $79.95 (US), the Tazzle IT is easily affordable for professionals; standard versions of the software that powers the system are free, available from  NOTE: Get 40% Off using Promo Code CES Until January 20th.

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