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I would  consider myself a power user of the Tazzle IT, mainly using the print function but still find the view and send functions very useful, and I do occasionally show off by advancing screens of a power-point presentation from my BlackBerry device.  I even enjoyed working on a word doc on the PlayBook while bridged with my BlackBerry and printed it right from my BlackBerry.

Details: Controlling PowerPoints® and other presentations from your BlackBerry®, now that’s a novel idea. I’m not talking about dumbed-down, compressed versions that you squeeze onto your handheld, either. Rather, I’m talking full fidelity presentations with, embedded movies, soundtracks, any transitions, and all fonts. Tazzle IT turns your BlackBerry into a remote control for presentations like PowerPoint, PDF, or cloud-based Google Docs that run on PC’s.

And how about this? You can set up Tazzle’s receiver software on anyone’s PC in a couple of minutes, and the next time you want to connect, the setup time is literally 10 seconds. The 3 main control buttons are easy to use.

The presentation interface on your BlackBerry is simple and to the point. Click the right arrow to advance, click the left arrow to reverse. Avid presenters will appreciate the ability to toggle screen-to-black by either clicking the screen blanking button or hitting the phone’s space bar. These new features have been added to the already amazing view, print and send features of the Tazzle IT, just as the retail price drops to $59.95!

Readers may recall that the Tazzle IT lets you print wirelessly to any PC’s printer. Just plug it into the USB port, fire up the software and you’re off. Send email content right to the PC to open in Word format. “Tazzle” your attachments, like PDF’s, spreadsheets, and photos and view them on the computer screen. And leave nothing behind on receiving PC’s unless you choose to. The Tazzle IT key provides a secure hardware firewall between your phone and the PC, and gives you instant authentication when inserted in any PC running the Tazzle software.

Tazzle IT is at a discounted price of 59.95 for a limited time Here.

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