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I have been a long time user of Tazzle iT and always find it useful for many situations. I regularly use my Z10 so I was extremely pleased to see it become available for BlackBerry 10. The software is free to download and the Tazzle iT USB dongle is available at a discount using the promo code below.

Send photos and files with a few clicks directly from your smartphone, Dropbox, or BlackBerry Link’s Remote File Access, to any nearby Windows PC.  Tazzle iT lets you share and print without Wi-Fi or a cellular network.



For cloudless file transfers, Tazzle iT is the key!


Here are three real-world success stories:

A) Nicole, a busy London executive, is on a train heading to a meeting.  She receives on her smartphone an important email with a document attached.  With one click on her phone, she sends the file to her laptop via Tazzle iT so she can begin working on it immediately.

B) Wayne is an airport supervisor in Australia.  He sends his critical documents from his phone to his notebook PC via Tazzle iT with a single click-  even when in the middle of nowhere.

C) Joe manages a multi-story office building for a large American law firm. Throughout the day he receives invoices as attachments on his BlackBerry.  His Tazzle iT, carried on a lanyard around his neck, enables him to quickly send these attachments to the lawyers’ PC printers on any floor without compromising network security.

See how it works:


Tazzle iT is a computer USB key with free BlackBerry and Windows companion software.  The USB key creates an instant, secure link from your phone to any PC running the Tazzle Desktop software.  Tazzle iT goes with you on the road or stays plugged into your home or office computer.


The amazing Tazzle Desktop software will allow you to:

  • Print to any PC’s printer.
  • Securely preview and edit files on the computer beforeprinting.
  • Skip complex setup and printer driver configuration.
  • Leave no files behind unless YOU choose to.


And, for a limited time, enter the promo code “TAZAPP” to get a $10 discount!

Get the free Tazzle iT app for BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World Here:

Android Version Coming Soon!



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