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Peter from S4BB Limited let me know about the best next generation 
task / todo management application for BlackBerry®; TaskMaster.


Key Features

FAST one click category switching - famous from NextAction!.
Full featured task support: due dates, priorities, notes, status, etc.
Synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Novell Groupwise, iCal, Entourage, and more.
100% compatible with internal Blackberry Task Application and NextAction!.
You can use them simultaneuosly if you want.
Enhanced for implementing GTD® (Getting Things Done). 

Recently Added Features

Customizable font size.
Show due date in task list (optional setting).
Hotkey for task adding "N" or "B" (SureType and QWERTY).
Minor bug fixes.
Hotkeys: listing screen sort quick switch ('a', 's'), quick task delete ('DEL').
Trackball click opens selected task.
TaskReports integration.
Default due date can be set to: today or tomorrow.
Minor bug fixes (time zone, not starting, category change/add, focus lost). 

Supported BlackBerry® devices:

71xx Series
72xx Series
75xx Series
77xx Series
81xx / Pearl Series
82xx / Pearl Series
83xx / Curve Series
87xx Series
88xx Series
89xx / Curve Series
90xx / Bold Series
95xx / Storm Series
Check out TaskMaster by going HERE!
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