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I was a little curious when the cases would start being available for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and here is a great look at some cases to be offered exclusively at  AT&T via  AGF.

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Press Release Excerpts: AG Findings, engineers of advanced carrying solutions, unveils four new high-quality, protective accessories for the recently released Blackberry® Torch™. The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell, Premium Leather Pouch, Endo GRT and Endo GRT with holster all boast a sleek appearance and superior protective design, offering consumers yet another top-notch, stylish protection option from the leaders of advanced carrying solutions.

The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell and Premium Leather Pouch will be available August 12, 2010 at all AT&T retail locations as well as for $34.99 and $39.99, respectively. The black Endo GRT with holster will also be available at all AT&T retail locations and in late August for $34.99.  The purple Endo GRT will be available at in late August for $29.99.

Case Description and Details:

The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell is constructed with patented technology so that the shell attaches to itself rather than the device. The rails are composed of Glide-Tech Resin to ensure smooth operation and prevent scratching when inserting and removing the shell. The GRT Shell also allows complete access to all ports and controls, and includes two interchangeable fronts: Smoked Chrome and Metallic Blue. $34.99

The Premium Leather Pouch is elegantly crafted with luxurious leather and features sleeper magnets that automatically put your device in sleep mode to conveniently conserve the battery. The sleeper magnets in the pouch even function when the device is protected by the Glide Rail Technology Shell. The Premium Leather Pouch will also house many other Blackberry devices. $39.99

The Endo GRT features an internal skeleton to provide support and protection for the Blackberry® Torch™, and also includes the patented Glide Rail technology for ultimate functionality and ease of use. The Endo GRT is available in a bold purple color. $29.99

The Endo GRT with Holster offers the exact same design elements as the Endo GRT, including the internal skeleton build and premium Glide Rail technology, but also features a holster, for easy carrying, which includes a sleeper magnet to ensure battery conservation. The Endo GRT with Holster is available in black.  $34.99.

Special thanks to our PR contact Kristen for sending us the following information.


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