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We received the following statement from T-Mobile which is great news overall for current or future customers.

2010 begins with 3G smartphones promising to be part of the buzz for this year’s CES.  The new year also begins with T-Mobile’s 3G network reaching significant milestones to support current and future smartphones:

· T-Mobile’s 3G network now reaches more than 200 million Americans

· HSPA 7.2 (faster 3G data service) is now enabled across T-Mobile’s entire 3G network

· T-Mobile is the first carrier to launch the even faster HSPA+ in the U.S.

While other carriers talk about 4G plans and the promise of compatible devices, T-Mobile will speed ahead with HSPA+ deployments across the bulk of its 3G footprint this year, delivering 3-5 times the speeds of today’s 3G.  And the best thing about the HSPA+ upgrade is that it’s backward compatible, so that T-Mobile 3G-enabled device being announced this week…it’s getting faster in 2010.

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