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This is a pretty cool new application released my MMMOOO and is at a really good price of 3.99 I can see this being a very hand application.

Super QWERTY enable you to quick access your applications like Messages, SMS, Tasks, Browser, BBM, Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail, IM+, Opera, MyPhone, Ever Light II etc just with one key. One must have tool on Blackberry.

* – The fastest way to access your applications at present.
* – Quick start with the key “q” in main screen.
* – You can start Super QWERTY in the system menu, launch from anywhere.
* – Up to 80 shortcuts, you can set as much as your favorite applications.
* – Friendly design, attention to the used shortcuts, never mess up.
* – You can enter the applications in Super QWERTY simply by clicking your trackball/trackpad/enter.
* – Easily to compose a SMS/PIN/Email text to your contacts.
* – Your settings will be saved even your reinstall Super QWERTY.
* – Lifetime free upgrade.
* – Support Bold2 9700

How to install:
To install SuperQWERTY, download the install files to your PC. Connect your phone to your PC, open your BlackBerry device manager, click Application Loader. Choose SuperQWERTY.alx and install. Reboot your phone and you can find SuperQWERTY in Download.
Kindly input your PIN No. while filling the buying form.
Your PIN number can be located on your BlackBerry smartphone:
1. From the Home screen go to ”Options”
2. Select Status.
3. Note your PIN number.

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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