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SugarSync combines secure online backup, file synchronization, remote access, and file sharing into one simple solution.  Using SugarSync, you ll have access to your data anytime, anywhere from any device, including desktops, laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices. 

What’s new:

  1. Music Streaming: Now, stream all your tunes from the cloud. Even cooler – you aren’t limited to one song at a time. Just start playing the first song in an album and SugarSync will play through the complete album – even in the background. Whether you’re traveling away from home or commuting, SugarSync gives you all your music at your fingertips.
  2. Email auto-complete: This is a true convenience. Instead of having to type in a complete e-mail address, just start typing and we’ll fetch it for you from your address book. So much better than cut-and-paste or manually typing out the entire e-mail.
  3. Bug cleaning. No software will ever be bug-free, but we continue to strive to make your experience as easy and smooth as possible.

Getting Started

We currently support BlackBerry software version 4.2 and newer.  *Note that editing directly on your BlackBerry requires a separate document editor, which is pre-loaded on newer BlackBerry devices.

After downloading the SugarSync for BlackBerry App, you must also install the SugarSync desktop software on your computers  PC or Mac  to select the data you want available on your BlackBerry. All downloads are available at

SugarSync comes with a 2 GB free plan. try it now!

The SugarSync for BlackBerry app is available now in the BlackBerry App World for free. SugarSync also offers a free 2 GB version of the full service, with 30 GB plans starting from $4.99/month.

Start by pointing your BlackBerry browser to and click on the "Download SugarSync Mobile" link.

SugarSync for BlackBerry Home Page is HERE!

SugarSync also available at BlackBerry App World HERE!

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