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Sprint Nextel announced the launch of its new, national Certified Pre-owned Device Program. Sprint Certified Pre-owned devices offer customers exceptional, feature-rich refurbished devices at lower prices. Customers who purchase a pre-owned device from Sprint not only get one of today’s devices at a great value, but also simultaneously help Sprint to achieve its aggressive reuse and recycling goals by giving these pre-owned devices a “second life.”

One of these devices being offered is the BlackBerry Tour at 79.99 with additional options to get the device as low as 29.99. 

Existing customers can purchase a pre-owned Tour at regular price without a contract extension and without affecting their current upgrade eligibility status.

Current pricing for the Pre-owned BlackBerry Tour:

  • BlackBerry Tour at $79.99.
  • Customers with a new two year contract can get the Tour at $29.99

You can check out by going Here.

Source Sprint Press Release.

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