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I have been using and abusing SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry and I have yet to be disappointed. The capabilities of this application seem to be endless and it shows a lot about a company that continues to improve on an already great product.

New Update Includes the Following Changes.

Performance Remote Control performance has been enhanced to consume less bandwidth and be more responsive. CPU usage has also been reduced considerably.
Keyboard Shortcuts
a. Easily access the event log from your desktop by typing in ALT-LGLG from your keyboard.
b. Use the Shift and arrow buttons on your keyboard to select multiple files or text for easy copying or deleting.
c. Use the ALT button on your keyboard as if it was the ALT button on your Smartphone.
Smartphone Orientation Detection
Automatically updates the skin and screen of the device to reflect when the Smartphone is opened/closed or rotated all in real time!
Assorted Fixes
Assorted minor improvements, adjustments and fixes.

Now With 10 Products in 1:

1.Real-Time Remote Control (e.g. BBM from your Desktop)
2.Presentation Tools
3.Training Tools
4.File Synchronization
5.Service Book Support
6.Explore Tool
7.Task List
8.System Information
9.Screen/Video Capture

See our previous Review and demo video Here.

Price 35.99 Free Trial Available

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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