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I currently have the privilege of demoing the soon to be released new version of  QuickPull, and I can tell you that this version of QuickPull is a complete rewrite from scratch. Everything is new and improved over the old design to make it more reliable and easier to use, with the most obvious changes being to the UI.

Hint: be sure to  follow @quickpull on Twitter

I have been running the  Beta version which has been updated once, and currently at beta v. and so far it is running flawless. This version does have a small ad at the bottom of the app, so I am going to guess that the new QuickPull will have a free ad supported version and a paid version? (just a guess) I was surprised to see some Twitter integration into the app and also the before and after memory usage that is displayed uniquely for sure.

Jeff at Steelthorn Software has given me permission to share some screenshots, so see for yourself how nice the overall layout and design has improved.  I can’t wait for the official release and I will let you know when that happens.

Click for larger View  Click for larger View Clcik to see larger Image

Be sure and follow @quickpull on Twitter because they are also planning a giveaway, but more details on that to come later.

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