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If you want to check your SMS counts and not worry about going over with the plan that you have, then this utility will come in very handy.

SMSCounter lets you count all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.  You can setup a monthly billing cycle.  Assign SMS monthly limit.  Get warning when the monthly limit is about to go over.  Save monthly billing report to the Calendar.

smscounter_1 smscounter_2


Note: May not be compatible with other 3rd party SMS applications.  Please try before you purchase.


* BlackBerry® OS 4.2 and Higher
* Count incoming and outgoing SMS
* Set monthly limit and get warning
* Set cost per text message and keep track of over limit cost
* Export monthly summary to the Calendar application

Application Loader: (Includes Trial version) HERE!

OTA Download: (Includes Trial version) HERE!

For more Details you can visit the product page HERE!


* 8700 Series
* 8800 Series
* Pearl 81xx and 82xx Series
* Curve Series
* Bold
* Storm

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