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If you lose your signal, this app gets it back in one-touch!

When Signal Refresh launches, it quickly refreshes your voice & data/internet signal and then closes itself.

No need to shut down and re-start your Blackberry™ if you have this app!refress blackberry signal

Don’t lose your work by re-starting your phone, just open this “Signal Refresh™” app to keep your phone on and re-fresh your signal with one touch! It acts quickly and closes itself so you’re back in business!

* Refresh your voice/data signal with one touch!
* The app refreshes your signal and then closes itself
* No need to shut down and re-start your phone!
* Save time fiddling with utilities and re-starts!
* Don’t lose your work by turning off your phone, let this app just refresh your signal!

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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