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Create a shortcut to launch an app/task and then automatically simulate macros to do what you want. (i.e. A shortcut to launch an app, open menu, select and open an item on the menu, enter a text and then push Enter key. This macro shortcut can be launched by hitting a key or multiple clicking Space or Convenience key and it can be added to a cascaded shortcut!)


ShortcutMe is a response to what you always felt was missing with your BlackBerry: – Ability to assign 6 applications to side keys (i.e. double click to lock your device, triple click to clean memory, double click to turn your blackberry into a flash light), – Create your own shortcuts to quickly launch your favorite app form anywhere, or shortcuts for calling, emailing or SMS a friend. – Create shortcuts for a new Memo/Task, toggle the Wifi/Radio/Bluetooth/GPS, open a favorite website. – Create shortcuts to easily launch (most of) BlackBerry and 3rd party applications. New features in 5.0 series: – Macro feature added: – Improved 5 days weather forecast feature that also shows wind speed, direction, humidity, etc. – No need anymore to find Location ID for a city before you can see the weather forecast for that city. You can now just enter the city name and country as parameter. Features:

  • Assign 3 applications to each convenience key by double/triple/quadruple clicks.
  • Assign 3 applications to Space-key (not for Storm).
  • Assign single-letter shortcuts to your favorite tasks/applications.
  • Shortcuts are active from anywhere, so press the shortcuts and fire an application without closing the current app.
  • Create a shortcut with your own macros.
  • Create a Cascading Shortcut where it runs one shortcut after other (Leaving Home shortcut that turns off WiFi, Turns on Radio, Turns on Bluetooth, launches music player so that you hear music in the car.
  • Create shortcuts for opening your favorite web pages.
  • Create shortcuts for directly call/email/PIN/SMS a friend.
  • Create shortcuts for opening a new Task or Memo.
  • Create shortcuts for turning Radio, Bluetooth and Wifi off/on.
  • Double click the convenience key (from anywhere) to lock your Blackberry.
  • 150 customizable shortcuts for major BlackBerry applications.
  • Access to other applications while internet browsing without exiting the browser.
  • Turn your Blackberry quickly to a Flash Light from any application.
  • Avoid the annoying "Say a Command" voice because of the accidental convenience key clicks.
  • No more worries about loosing your shortcuts when upgrading/changing BlackBerry or its software. ShortcutMe allows you to use your shortcuts on your new BlackBerry
  • User-friendly configuration process provided by Copy, Paste, Select, and Multitap in menus. (e.g. Copy a phone number from your AddressBook and paste it in SB to create a Call shortcut).
  • QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keypad support.
  • Shortcuts provided for the following major applications (and many more): Address Book, Alarm, BlackBerry Messenger, Brick Breaker, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Call Log, Event Log, Camera, Clock, Face book, Flash Light, Garmin Mobile, Global Search, Google Mobile App, Help, Home Screen, LBS, Lock, Manage Connections, Memo Pad, Memory Cleaner, Messages, My Space, Options, Phone, Profiles, Shazam, Tasks, TeleNav, Twitter Berry, Video Recorder, Voice Dialling, Voice Notes Recorder, and many other popular 3rd party applications.

Price Normally 4.99 get it for 2.49 thru November 26th. Available in our Store Here.

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