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Although this article does not say which BlackBerry devices will be made in Malaysia I am sure this is great news for jobs and the supply/pricing for BlackBerry devices in the Asian market. The site  is located in Penang Malaysia and started making BlackBerry Devices on July 1st, 2011.


RIM, the maker of BlackBerry phones started a new local manufacturing of mobile phones in Penang. The manufacturing facility will produce several BlackBerry models that will be exported to overseas.

It is hopeful with this logistic savings, it will result in lower pricing in our local market for the BlackBerry phones.

On a bigger scale, this is a good news as it will create jobs for the Malaysians and transfer of technology in the long term. Malaysia Boleh!

Dany Bolduc, Vice President of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam commented: “To support the growing demand for BlackBerry smartphones in Asia and across the world, we are pleased to expand our manufacturing operations to Malaysia. We continuously strive to improve the way we serve our customers and partners, and fundamentally believe that producing BlackBerry smartphones in Malaysia will help achieve this goal.”

Source Orenity via CrackBerry

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